CS Theory Group

About us

Our research interests range over many areas of algorithms and complexity theory. These areas include parallel computation, computational geometry, data structures, graph algorithms, network algorithms, distributed computation, computational biology, information theory, analytic combinatorics, random structures, approximation algorithms, sublinear algorithms, error-correcting codes, cryptography, computational algebra. Much of the research reflects interaction with other areas, such as information security, databases, geographic information systems, bioinformatics and mathematics.


  • Mikhail Attalah - information security, algorithms, parallel computation, and computational geometry.
  • Saugata Basu - real algebraic and o-minimal geometry, computational algebra and geometry, complexity theory.
  • Greg N. Frederickson - data structures, graph and network algorithms.
  • Elena Grigorescu - sublinear algorithms, property testing, error-correcting codes, complexity theory, learning theory.
  • Susanne E. Hambrusch - parallel and distributed computation, data management and data dissemination in wireless environments, query processing, algorithms.
  • Wojciech Szpankowski - algorithms, multimedia data compression, bioinformatics, information theory, random structures, analytic combinatorics, performance evaluation, networking.
  • Samuel S. Wagstaff - cryptography, parallel computation, and analysis of algorithms, especially number theoretic algorithms.
  • Courtesy Faculty

  • Sabre Kais - quantum information and computation and quantum phase transition

  • Seminars/Workshops/Reading groups

    Theory CS/Math Seminar Fall 2014. Spring 2014 . Fall 2013 . Spring 2013 . Fall 2012.

    Theory reading group
    Midwest Theory Day, 2014

    Graduate students

    Venkata Gandikota
    Akash Kumar
    Young-San Lin
    Abram Magner
    Abhiram Natarajan
    Mingyuan Wang
    Peng Zhang
    Samson Zhou

    Graduate courses

    CS555 Cryptography
    CS580 Algorithms design and analysis
    CS584 Theory of computation/Complexity theory
    CS590RA Randomized algorithms
    CS590AA Approximation Algorithms
    CS590CTT Current topics in theoretical CS
    CS531 Computational Geometry
    CS655 Advanced Cryptography
    CS590 Sublinear-time algorithms

    Undergraduate courses

    CS381 Undergraduate Algorithms
    CS483 Theory of computation
    CS355 Introduction to Cryptography